hot birdseye chilli finishing salt


For those who like it HOT. Beautiful Tasmanian grown birdseye chillis freeze dried and added to the amazing sea salt that is harvested and processed on the north coast of Tasmania.

This chilli salt is a must for any chilli fan. It is simply delicious and before you know it you will be using it on everything.



Chilli, a hot spicy ingredient that is feared by some and loved by others. For the brave we use the extra fiery little birdseye chillis in this salt blend – they are hot!

This salt is the perfect way to enjoy these chillies, as you can use as much or as little as you like on anything at all.

While we very rarely use sugar in our finishing salts, we make an exception in this case. The hint of raw sugar balances out the sharpness of the salt and the heat from the chillies leaving a spicy flavour sensation that is remarkably good.

This wonderfully 100% natural salt blend doesn’t contain any artificial flavours or colours, flowing agents, minerals, or anti-caking agents

how to use

Finishing salts add a delicious burst of colour, flavour and texture to any dish – savoury or sweet – including cocktails. Just a simple sprinkle can take your culinary creation from ordinary to extraordinary. Use less salt (or no salt) in the preparation of your foods. Add a sprinkle to your finished product or plated dish. Or better yet, keep your finishing salts on the table and let everyone add their own.

best with: This robust chilli salt adds a great boost of flavour. A must for any BBQ or pizza night!

also great with: Chilli salt is great on veggies and meat. It adds a zing to pasta dishes, asian stir-fries and curries. Keep it on the table for those who like the extra heat.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

40g premium jar, 40g resealable pouch, 100g resealable pouch



sea salt flakes 90%
chilli 8%
raw sugar 2%

grain size: Fine flakes (preferred choice for a finishing salt)

allergy information: Manufactured on shared equipment with products that may contain milk, eggs, wheat, and peanuts

Packaging Options

  • 40g premium jar (so beautiful you’ll just want to reuse it around your kitchen indefinitely or keep refilling it again and again with more gourmet finishing salts)
  • 40g resealable pouch (buy these for refilling your jar)
  • 150g satchel (lovely antique gold coloured box – made from recycled cardboard)
  • 10g sample (not sure if it’s for you – try it and see)



shelf life: 12 months (see best by date on the base of the jar or back of the packet)

Store in a cool dry place. 

Our 100% natural salt blends don’t contain any artificial flavours or colours. Commercial salts and spices often contain flowing agents, minerals, or anti-caking agents. Our finishing salts do not. Because of this some clumping may occur over time. If it does, add some dry rice to the jar or bag. Or dry the salt, spread out, in the oven at its lowest temperature setting. 


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