Popcorn Seasonings


Your choice of sweet or savoury popcorn seasonings. These wonderfully 100% natural popcorn seasoning blends don’t contain any artificial flavours or colours, flowing agents, added minerals, or anti-caking agents. No nasties…



These seasonings add a delicious burst of colour, flavour and texture to your popcorn. For the best results pop your corn on the stovetop (not microwave or air popper). To ensure maximum stickiness add a drizzle of olive oil, butter, coconut oil, ghee, then apply the seasoning while the popcorn is as hot as possible.

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strawberry and cream 20g, salt and vinegar 20g, sour cream and chives 20g, parmesan and roast garlic 20g, chilli cheese 20g, very berry salted caramel 20g, honey butter 20g, blueberry yoghurt 20g, truffle butter 20g