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[contact-field label=’here are some of the many new flavours we have on the ideas board right now – tell us which would rock your boat‘ type=’radio’ options=’wasabi salt,blackberry %26amp; jalapeno salt,blueberry %26amp; basil salt,strawberry %26amp; balsamic salt,apple wood smoked salt,raspberry %26amp; vanilla white chocolate bark with a pinch of salt,salted caramel %26amp; puffed quinoa milk chocolate bark,pistachio %26amp; sour cherry milk chocolate with a pinch of salt,passionfruit dark chocolate with a pinch of salt,raspberry %26amp; wasabi white chocolate bark with a pinch of salt,gourmet salted popcorn with chai spices,gourmet salted popcorn with fig %26amp; walnut %26amp; rosemary,activated organic walnuts with apple %26amp; honey %26amp; cinnamon,activated organic walnuts with merlot molasses %26amp; rosemary’/]

[contact-field label=’here are some of the new ranges we are also planning – what do you think?‘ type=’radio’ options=’a pinch of wild – freeze dried Tasmanian native foods,a pinch of health – freeze dried super foods – ideal for use in smoothies,a pinch of flavour – freeze dried and powdered foods that can be added to dishes to enhance or add unique flavour e.g. slow roasted tomato powder,a pinch of yum – flavoured sugars and sweet freeze dried fruit powders’/]

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